Embedded software

As far as possible, Altaneos is able to exploit the vast world of software technologies to best implement the functionnalities of your innovative product, either it is a single-processor or a multiple-processor hardware architecture.

  • Embedded software on various platforms:
    • Small microcontrollers 8, 16 and 32 bits for portable applications, connected objects (ARM Cortex-M3, PIC, MSP430, ...).
    • More powerfull CPUs for multimedia or telecom platforms (ARM-Cortex A8, PowerPC, ...).
    • DSPs for high processing power applications (multimedia, real-time control, ...).




  • Various operating systems:
    • Embedded Linux for powerfull platforms.
    • Real-Time OS for smaller specific applications (FreeRTOS, ...).
    • Coding without an OS for small microcontrollers (Native programming)




  • Programming languages and environments:
    • Usually C, C++.
    • HTML, PHP, Javascript, SQL, AJAX for Web-based user interfaces.
    • Optimized assembly language for specific tasks (critical digital signal processing).
    • Development environment running on Windows, Linux, MacOS, tailored to each project and each CPU.
    • Use of virtual machines for development environment and easy transfer to customer.




  • Our strengths:
    • Digital signal processing: design, integration, optimization of algorithms on microncontrollers and DSPs.
    • OS Porting (Linux) and device drivers development.
    • Embedded user interface: Embedded Web server, Qt, Java, ...
    • Standard communication protocols integration on any platform: TCP/IP, SNMP, HTTP, USB, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Profibus, ...
    • IEC 62304 compliant software development and documentation for medical devices.
    • Design of proprietary communication protocols for specific applications (wired/wireless).
    • Embedded software for accessories of Smartphones/Tablets (Android, iOS)
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